Pedometer Steps

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pedometerA good start for any walking plan is to use a walking pedometer. For the next few days wear the pedometer and record your normal  pedometer steps a day. Also as a walking pedometer steps routine is a no 1 ranking for health benefits its also highly effective to shape and tone your body. So please download the free diet plan guide and add some of the routines to your lifestyle as I have suggested in this article for pedometer steps.

Lets assume you walk 3000 steps a day.For the next 2 weeks focus on 5000  pedometer steps a day building up weekly slowly to 10000 a day. Add walking routines during lunch break and after work if need too to keep up the pedometer steps.

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Week 1 and 2               Cut Down On alcohol. Its recommended only 2 drinks a week.

Its advised to plan only a 20 minute walk anytime during the gives you something to work on to see how your performing over time.
Generally your speed with pedometer steps will increase and legs become stronger which means more calories burned. Master the programming of your pedometer. It records distance walked, and calories used. Record the pedometer step  results in your diary. 2000 steps is about a mile.
A rule of thumb is 100 calories per mile are burned for a 180-pound person and 65 calories per mile for a 120-pound person. Your pedometer will give you these records.

Power Tip: Check out the best sellers of pedometers on the rotating link below.Take a sauna once or 7 days a week for 20 minutes. It produces a pronounced thermogenic response(burns calories),assisting in speedier fat loss.

“Hot Yoga” classes. Get a class in at least once every two weeks. The stretch routines and sweat will reduce muscular  aches and pains help walk faster which means more pedometer steps in shorter time an more stress .

Week  3 and 4.   add once per week an aerobic muscle building dance class or click the link 7 rules of fat loss for full information about 3 day activity plans . Its absolutely necessary to focus on the quick start diet plan.

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Continue walking daily focusing on  your target of 10000 steps per day.
Power Tip:  Add only one day out of the week a resistance aerobic class in the gymnasium explained in the 2 day activity plan.

Week  5 And  6. add an aerobic muscle build class two times a week.

By now you have reached walking  10,000 pedometer steps or close to it a day. Keep it up  and now add the 2 to 3 day activity plan per week. More info click the link for 7 rules of fat loss banner below.

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